Smokey Jon - Lit Up

Thursday, January 29, 2004

Just got home from work...... very exciting. Lots of papers to write because I love saving everything for the last second. Took me 2 1/2 hours to record this damn speech today and I still think it sucks..... and it was about myself..... boy is this school thing ever not for me.
Big day tomorow, giving it one last shot with the girl. Long story but got her the roses and stuff so well see what happens. Next msg will be one of joy or unhappiness..... well see. |

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Just returned from a long day of class work and 2 soccer games. I really suck at class and in high school, and 1st semester in college maby i didn't "apply" myself but now im going everyday and really trying and i am still getting shitty grades, it makes it almost not worth it.
Hopefully one day it will all make sence.....

3 choices for my future life....... let me know what you think
A. Stay at Scraft and keep playing soccer and try to transfer to D-1 and/or persuit my invatation to tryout for the Cleveland Force.

B. Take a few years off "Life" and move to Colorado and work in a resturanunt at night and snowboard all day.... and take that time to figure out what i want to do in life.

C. Join the marines, get some discipline, and figure out what i want to do with life. |

Monday, January 26, 2004

.......Just got back from Boyne, Boarding was great. And back to work & school tomorow. And my Shannon dramas remain in effect. But soon it will all be worth it.
Big soccer game tomorow. U-23 WAZA (My Team) VS Adult WAZA 9:45 Wixom..... Come watch
Indoor nationals 2 weeks away with u-23 WAZA team.........Can't wait |

I have been inspired by Ross's life storied to put mine here. Everyone eventually finds out all the stuoid things i do daily, so i have decided to just publish them so that everyone can hear about them soon after. Hope ya enjoy, feel free to add coments. |